"Tornadoes helping Tornadoes"


Unfortunately, we will not be giving out scholarships in 2019 due to lack of donations.   We are going to have a capital campaign to raise money, and hopefully next year we can resume scholarships.


Scholarship Qualifications

Graduate of Mt. Carmel Area High School.
  Completion of at least one year of continued education and intend to continue his/her higher education.

Maintain a grade point average (GPA) of at least a 2.0 out of a 4.0 grading system.
Be enrolled fulltime in an institution of higher learning.
Submit your higher learning institution transcript.
Submit a completed scholarship application to MC4A.

After completion of your first year, submit your higher learning institution transcript along with a completed scholarship application to MC4A by July 13.  

Click here for the application

Send completed letter of scholarship application to:

P.O. Box 272
Mt. Carmel, PA 17851-0272

2017 Recipients

2016 Recipients

2015 Recipients

2014 Recipients

2013 Recipients

2012 Recipients

2011 Recipients

2010 Recipients

2009 Recipients

2008 Recipients

2007 Recipients

2006 Recipients

 Scholarship Winners

2006: Beth Ann Bingaman, Joshua Fetterdoff, Scott Novack, Lauren Stankiewicz

2007: Stacie Kratovich, Michael Leshinski, Lauren Stankiewicz, Stephanie Stankiewicz

(In 2008, we increased our scholarship awards to five.)  

2008: Stephanie Fisher, Nathan Morgan, Michael Shamansky, Josh Spieller, Howard Splitt

(In 2009, we added a sixth scholarship of $1,000, compliments of our local business memberships.)

2009: Amanda Bartosic, Shauna Hughes, Matthew Miller, Jonus Pachuski, Benjamin Toland, Jeffrey Woytowich

2010: Debra Fletcher, Kristen Helper, Jocelyn Jaworski, Casey Kane, James Lesko II, Jordan Politza, Marcus Wasilewski, Jeffrey Woytowich

(In 2011, the award increased from $1,500 to $2,000.  If a winning student or if any family member is a current member the award is increased to $2,500.)

2011: Michael Fletcher, Meghan Hynoski, Hannah Kolody, James Lesko II, Quinn McCracken, Bernard Nestico, Jr.

2012: Brittany Bartol, Kelsey Kraynak, Sara Novack, Alyssa Palewicz, Anthony Rossi, Lisa Slaby

2013: Alyssa Buggy, Michael Fletcher, Mikael Hause, Jacob Kleman, Michael Purcell, Julie Rodak

2014: Brooke Bartol, Nicole Fiamoncini, Amanda Kuzo, Jullian Mazurkevich, Seth Scicchitano, Cody Shustack, Emily Skonecki

2015: Jordan Bettleyon, Jennifer Fago, Catherine Fletcher, Lauren Hause, Daniel Lamb, Jr., Quinn McCraken

2016: Dylan Combs, Kirsten Duceman, Lauren Hause, Amalia Hinkle, Justin Skavery, Erin Scicchitano

2017: Glenn Barwicki, Jr., Christopher Delbo, Amalia Hinkle, Jessica Pachuski, Emily Skonecki, Isabella Stellar